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Our Team.

Our team consists of highly-skilled musical professionals who have mastered the art of teaching. Their combined music and education backgrounds elevate the program to an exemplary level of learning. They provide an experience that goes well beyond the requirements for great singing. They teach professionalism, work ethic, teamwork and the importance of lifelong relationships and a love of the arts.

Artistic Staff


Support Staff

Alumni Associates

Jayden Nguyen, Alumni Associate Central Campus   |   Noah Court, Alumni Associate Central Campus   |   Will Konko, Alumni Associate West Campus

Board of Directors

Executive Board 

Mindy Harper, President

Jeremy Simmons, Vice President *
Brittain Cunningham, Treasurer *

Jayne Fowler, Secretary

Board of Directors

Matthew Fowler *

Allison Gower
Nancy Haywood
Pamala Henjum
Louise Magruder 
Carole Nelson
Paul Roch *

Jeff Vyner

Advisory Board

Scott Allen *
Neeki Bey *
Rick Erickson

Dr. Wendell Mendell
Dr. Robert Nelson

David Quackenbush
Dr. Michael Remson
Sally Schott

* HBC Alumnus

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