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Our Story

Houston Boychoir has three choirs: the Preparatory Choir, the advanced Chamber Choir and the Olde Boys, a program for high school boys with changed voices. Each choir requires a one-year commitment.


Houston Boychoir's three-tiered structure provides boys with a consistent source of positive engagement and exceptional opportunities. Houston Boychoir provides a space for boys to become men while forming long-lasting friendships with like-minded boys from diverse backgrounds that they might otherwise never encounter. Beyond the Boychoir, members live as they have learned to sing: with honor, respect, and integrity.

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Houston Boychoir sings National Anthem

Our Background

Established in 1962 as The Singing Boys of Houston by the Houston Independent School District, Houston Boychoir became an independent arts organization in 1991. Now, HBC supplements many district schools’ academic and music programs by providing a core curriculum based on state and national criteria as well as expecting and promoting the boys’ attention to their overall scholastic studies. During rehearsals, boys learn skills in the use of the voice, music reading, music theory, music history, and the interpretation of texts in a variety of languages.

With nearly 60 years of performing, Houston Boychoir has earned its place in the Houston fine arts community. Collaborative performances with the Houston Symphony Orchestra, Opera in the Heights, the symphony and opera at the Moores’ School of Music, Houston Bach Society, Hope Stone Dance and more, make HBC vital to Houston’s artistic profile. Staples of the operatic and symphonic repertoire (Orff’s Carmina Burana, Puccini’s La Boheme, Bizet’s Carmen, Benjaman Britten’s Peter Grimes and the St. Matthew Passion by J.S. Bach to name a few) require a choir with the Houston Boychoir’s beauty and professional demeanor. These are unique performing opportunities available to these dedicated young men.

As one of the country’s premiere boychoirs, HBC serves as ambassadors, representing our city, state and nation during annual concert tours across North America and throughout Europe and Asia. Every year, our choirs charm over 70,000 audience members with repertoire that represents every angle of music history throughout the world. 

Dedicated to the community, Houston Boychoir teaches service and giving through projects such as: the Illumination Project, the Pink Ribbons Project, the Fire Fighter’s Foundation, as well as the creation of a larger collaborative project with Texas Children’s Hospital in a work called Ode to My Nurses.


Houston Boychoir provides a unique, positive, inspirational and lasting experience that contributes to each boy’s potential as a whole, building character, developing life skills, and nurturing a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

Our Clients

What people are saying.

"I accompanied the Houston Boychoir's West Campus Prep Choir for two years, and it is a wonderful organization. During my time there I saw young boys constantly inspired by the magic of music. It is a wonderful way to bring people together and provides an excellent education in music with a wonderful faculty."


"HBC is not only one of the finest boy choirs performing today, but the example of what discipline, integrity, focused effort, and teamwork can accomplish. These boys will be our leaders tomorrow."


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