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Erta Gervais

Administrator – West Campus

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The heart of a music is its rhythm. The heart of rhythm section music is the rhythm.

– Wynton Marsalis          


My Story

We welcomed Mrs. Gervais to the Houston Boychoir staff as the administrative assistant for the west side campus at the beginning of the 2010-2011 season. However, she has been apart of the Houston Boychoir since 1989. Both of her sons were members of the choir for many years and she was a parent of Friends of Houston Boychoir, serving as wardrobe chairperson for four years and as chaperone on Chamber tours within Texas and to cities in Louisiana, Washington D.C., and New York


Ms. Erta Gervais is the Administrator at the West Campus and is the liaison between HBC and the Preparatory Choir members and their parents.


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