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Olde Boys

Houston Boychoir is committed to fostering a boy's musical and social development during and after his vocal change. After years of singing together in Preparatory and Chamber, boys may continue to deepen their musical brotherhood with fellow choristers in high school. In addition to enriching their musical knowledge, the Olde Boys have multiple opportunities to mentor younger boys, accompanying them on tours, day trips, and in rehearsals as assistants in Preparatory Choir.


Rehearsal Locations

Christ the King Lutheran Church

2353 Rice Boulevard | Houston | 77005

Rice Village (Central Campus)



9:00am - 1:00pm

St. Martin's Episcopal Church
717 Sage | Houston | 77056

Monthly Workshop

st martins.jpg


10:30am - 1:00pm

A choirboy learns to accept the challenges of making music, and in so doing he acquires poise and confidence in himself, both as an individual and as a musician. He learns self-sacrifice in giving up his time for long, often grueling rehearsals. He learns to blend his mind and voice with his fellow singers into the most phenomenal of all corporate activities, the making of music. He learns to appreciate things beautiful, and develops the aesthetic sensitivity to the point where he consistently expects of himself the highest standards attainable.

– Jerome L. Wright

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