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Chamber Choir and Olde Boys Wardrobe Information

Underlined text are clickable links to individual items. Uniform items can be purchased at Land's End except for the belt. Gray pants and Khaki performance pants must be purchased at Land's End for uniformity. Limited items are available to rent from HBC. All t-shirts and polos may be purchased directly from staff.

Formal Uniform​
  • Grey plain front dress pants from Land's End, hemmed so that pant leg is 1" from floor when measuring from the back (and wearing black
    penny loafers and belt)

  • White oxford cloth long-sleeved button down collar shirt, with sleeve covering wrist but not too long (cotton/polyester blend so it appears pressed and is not wrinkled)

  • Tie (provided by HBC – lost tie fee is $20)

  • Navy blazer – (provided by HBC)
    Please note:  Blazer sleeves need to cover wrist and mostly cover shirtsleeves. There should be
    no, or just a minimum of, white shirtsleeves showing.
    Deposit of $75 is required and will
    be returned when you leave the choir depending on the condition of
    the blazer. Blazers can be exchanged during the season to maintain
    proper fit.

  • Smooth black leather belt with gold buckle. 

  • Black crew socks (i.e. not low cut or ankle)

  • (Chamber Choir) Traditional black leather penny loafers with no penny or ornamentation

  • (Olde Boys) Black Dress Shoes
    (penny loafers optional)

Workshop Uniform
  • Navy shorts (plain, not cargo style)
    or dark blue jeans (not jean shorts)

  • HBC T-shirt ($10 from HBC)

  • Smooth black leather belt with gold buckle
    (no weave)

  • White socks

  • Sneakers

Performance Uniform (as specified)
IMG_3618 copy_edited.jpg
Camp/Touring Uniform​ (as specified)

These needs will be communicated through memos or wardrobe lists posted in advance and will typically consist of the following wardrobe pieces (the length of stay will dictate the specific number of each item):

  • Navy shorts

  • Khaki shorts

  • Dark blue jeans

  • Khaki slacks (for touring, not summer camp)

  • HBC T-Shirts ($10 from HBC)

  • HBC Navy Polo ($20 from HBC)

  • HBC White Polo ($20 from HBC)

  • White short-sleeved polo shirt;
    with no designer logo 

  • Navy short-sleeved polo shirt;
    ​with no designer logo 

  • Sing4Life T-shirt ($15 from HBC; for touring and summer camp)

Additional requirements

  • Hair cut and styled so that eyes can be easily seen and it is not too long.  Haircuts may be requested at the directors' discretion. We do not want anyone's hairstyle to draw attention to them so that they are noticeably different from the rest of the group.

  • No jewelry – do not wear necklaces (that are visible), bracelets, wristbands, or watches for performances or photographs

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