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Lesson Plans from our Friends

Houston area teachers have given HBC permission to share these videos for public use by music teachers and parents alike. If you have a recorded lesson or class that you would like to share with us, fill out the form below to help students and teachers around the world. Some of these teachers have graciously agreed to share their contact information, if other area teachers have questions about technology, teaching material, or distance learning techniques. 

General Music

Alphabet Composer Series - by Julie Loeb Sacks

Join Mrs. Sacks as she shares repertoire from 26 different composers on an adventure through the alphabet. These clips make wonderful listening examples for music of all styles.

Drumming Lesson - by Michelle Jackson, Poe Elementary

Ms. Jackson invites you to grab household items and participate in a drumming lesson. She introduces musical form, rhythmic patterns, and sound exploration through different ostinati. 

Music Games for Kinder-5th Grade - by Abigail Veliz, Garfield Elementary

Ms. Veliz has a collection of songs, games, and musical activities for all elementary age children. Get the whole family involved and "Pass the Beat Around the Room!"Disclaimer: Scholastic has granted permission to use their books. All of the material Ms. Veliz uses from other teachers has been purchased and used with permission, or accredited. Contact Ms. Veliz.

Music Games for Kinder-5th Grade - by Paul Cimini, Katy ISD

Using fun digital graphics, Mr. Cimini has full lesson plans for songs and games that are perfect for elementary students to follow along any time at home.

Advanced Choral Exercises - by John Markert, Houston Boychoir; Northbrook High School

HBC's own Mr. Markert presents a vast collection of rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic exercises for more advanced music students. Suitable for upper middle school or high school classrooms.

Piano Tutorials

At-Home Practice Aids - by Vasti Adkins, St. Andrews School of Fine Arts

Mrs. Adkins walks students through three pieces in Faber's Piano Advertures Primer Level. Follow the links below for live demonstrations of Ode to Joy and   Alouette.

Mrs. Adkins also has a review of the elements on the grand staff, including clefs and landmark notes, followed by a demonstration of Hush, Little Baby from the Performance book. 

Share your Music Lesson with us and keep the world singing!

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