Sing With Us.

“Perhaps the most difficult creature on the earth to analyze is the choirboy. He is a curious combination of angel and imp – the voice like an angel, the frog in the back pocket, and the boundless energy that only a young boy can possess or understand. The sound of a choirboy is a fleeting, hauntingly beautiful thing, precious because of its unique quality, perhaps doubly so because of the short time such a voice is among us.

"The choirboy is all boy. Any director can attest to that. Yet, while he involves himself in boyish activities in everyday life, he must develop – within the framework of the Boychoir – deep sense of musicianship and maturity far beyond his years. What a marvelous preparation for manhood! The experiences of a boysinger come at a time when his preadolescent mind is clear of most traumatic distractions. He learns rapidly and retains well. Best of all, he relishes each new performance adventure with genuine enthusiasm, and remembers it vividly – perhaps all his life.

"A choirboy learns to accept the challenges of making music, and in so doing he acquires poise and confidence in himself, both as an individual and as a musician. He learns self-sacrifice in giving up his time for long, often grueling rehearsals. He learns to blend his mind and voice with his fellow singers into the most phenomenal of all corporate activities, the making of music. He learns to appreciate things beautiful, and develops the aesthetic sensitivity to the point where he consistently expects of himself the highest standards attainable.”

– Jerome L. Wright

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