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Getting your students connected

Houston Boychoir is proud of its strong relationship with Houston area teachers. For this current audition season, with your help, we can offer a few ways to meet new students and offer them a place in Houston Boychoir for next year. 


Please consider the following ways we can visit with your students this spring and let us know what we can schedule at your school. 


1. Virtual Classroom Visits- Through Teams or Zoom we can visit your classroom virtually. In the past we have presented a minute fun warm up and new song for 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders. (5 minutes total). This allows students to have a taste of what we do or what it might be like. Followed up with a flyer that the teacher can send home with boys, this is one way we can reach future choristers. 


2. Video- Through a pre-recorded video shown to classes and a follow up flyer, students can learn about HBC through you. 


3. Recommend Boys- Send us the names/emails of the parents of boys that you can recommend to our program. We are looking for boys who love music who are in the 3rd and 8 years old. Send us names/emails and we’ll do the rest or you can put us in touch with the parents in an email. Attached is a flyer you also send home with interested boys.


We hope one of these methods of offering the HBC opportunity will work for you. We couldn’t do our good work without the help of our partner teachers. Below are some testimonials, quotes from our boys, and a performance video. Please feel free to share.

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