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Upcoming Performances.

Tour 2023 — Minnesota.
June 3 - June 12

Here's where we'll be singing.

On June 3rd the Chamber Choir and Olde Boys will embark on Tour 2023 | Minnesota —known for its choirs and for singing.


After flying to Minneapolis we will spend our first days in St. Cloud, singing for a Sunday service at the Saint John’s Abbey, a real working monastery. We will also sing a concert with the St. John’s Boys’ Choir before heading to Duluth where boys will get to ride the scenic train to the famous North Shore. Boys will also get to explore the University of Minnesota at Duluth and have master classes with Dr. Richard Robbins before singing a concert with the Lake Superior Youth Chorus. Lastly boys will head to Minneapolis and a visit to the Mall of the Americas and more singing. We will continue our traditions of the Etiquette Dinner and the Spoon as boys gain independence, deepen friendships and build lasting memories.

"Travel is rich with learning opportunities, and the ultimate souvenir is a broader perspective."


  —Rick Steves

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