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Our Supporters

Angels ($10,000 and up)

Dr. Ted and Nancy Haywood

Houston Arts Alliance

Eleanor Searle Whitney McCollum Foundation

John M. O'Quinn Foundation

Texas Commission on the Arts

Patrick and Cathleen Trask

Chris and Kelli Watson

Benefactors ($1,000-$9,999)


John and Kathryn Artlip

Frank and Karen Bangilan *

Ronald Bertram

Drs. Michael Braun and Sandra Hurtado

Drs. Richard Brown and Laura Sulak

Richard Buffet

Florence Cahill Charitable Trust

Jeanette Chase

Dr. Clint Doerr and Allison Pritchett

Sharon Childress

Richard and Sharon Fink

George and Lisa Francisco

Christopher and Ann Frautschi

John J. Frautschi Family Foundation

Jerry and Tanya Gee II

Ben and Cynthia Guill

Thomas and Mindy Harper

Dr. James Hoyle

Flournoy Davis Manzo Foundation

Kenneth and Linda Markert

Mid-America Arts Alliane

Dr. Wendell Mendell and Pamala Henjum

Methodist Hospital

Dr. Robert Nelson

Fred and Josie Nevill

Norton Rose Fulbright, LLP

David and Barbara Quackenbush

Shipley-Snell Montgomery, LLP

Jeremy Simmons *

Dr. C. Richard and Rachel Stasney

The Wortham Foundation

Rudy Villareal and Eddie Domingue

Chris and Carolyn Wade *


Patrons ($500-$999)

Carol Barndollar

Patricia Bonner

Bo and Jean Brackendorff

Dale Burrus

Brittain Cunningham *

Matthew and Monica Fowler *

Dr. O. Howard and Rachel Frazier

Thomas and Jeanette Hix

The Honorable Edith and Sherwood Jones

Rodney and Mary Koenig

Tracy Livingston

Paul and Sue Ofield

Sheila Prenowitz

Daisy Quayle

Shipley-Snell Montgomery, LLP

Ken and Amy Snell

William Stewart and Donna Brown

Tom and Kathleen Tellepsen II

Rosa Maria Villagomez

Monica Walker


Sustainers ($250-$499)

R. Scott Allen

Robert D. Bernstein

Anne Berry

Rick and Kay Burns

Ramsay Elder

Monte and Jayne Fowler

Kleta Gerhart

Jonathan and Ana Godfrey

Allison Gower

Michael Hesse

John and Whitney Higgins

Houston Endowment

Craig and Molly Joyce

Neale W. Kempner

Holly Lanier

Elizabeth Love

Flo McGee

Paul and Marie Monroe

Lee and Breann Nash *

Carole Nelson

M. Fatih Okcu

Gary Patterson

Sally Schott

Ken Schroeder

Yasuyo Segal

Apurva and Seema Thekdi


Sponsors ($100-$249)

Pamela Adger

Albertsons Safeway

Scott and Catherine Allen*

AmazonSmile Foundation

Fred and Jennifer Anderson

Vinko and Linda Barcot

Enrique and Maribel Barrera

Bevin Barrett

Carol Barwick

Timothy Birtcher

Kenneth and Jessica Breitbeil

Staley and Deidre Brod

John Cardwell

Michelle Carpenter

Grant Chen


Midge Claiborne

Alene Coggin

Malcolm and Jo Cohn

Christi Harvey

John and Lisa Daugherty

Jocelyn Deegan

Sheila Edwards

Moustapha and Rebecca El-Hakam

Kindel Elam

Susan Elledge

Karla Epperson

Phyllis Epps

Norris Fergeson

Bruce and Molly Frankel

Steven and Shelley Frisby

Carolyn Godfrey

Joe Goins

Suzanne Gray

Katherine Harrison

Mark and Emma Haywood

Michael and Diane Heath

Howard and Ann Hendrix

Kirk Hickey

Jay and Frankie Hickman

Scott Ipsen

Robert Jackson

Anita Jaquet

Wayne and Shasha Li Jiang

Stephanie Johnson

Patricia and David Jones

Andrei Kibbe and Linda Moody

Shane and Erin Kimzey

Peggie Kohnert

Deborah Korkmas

Cheryl Kramer

Melissa Kwan and Danny Rigg

Bob and Sharon Lietzow

Judy Liu

Louise Magruder

Alvin Major, Jr.

Marilyn Maloney and Paul F. Longstreth

John Markert

Lester Marks

Daniel and Martha Martinez

Daniel Joe and Mildred Mohel

Jennifer Moore

Liz Moriarty

Barbra Munister

Margaret Nosek

Wendy O'Hanna

Mark and Karla Ofield *

Jacques Oppinger and Zarina Shah

Jennifer Overton

Robert and Cindy Pack

Suzanne Page-Pryde

Lee and Susan Parker

Robert and Diane Patterson

Andy and Tinker Payne

Alex and Adriana Perez

Becky Pivec

Waqar Quereshi

Greg Robertson

Rebecca Robertson and Marty Orzco

Paul and Amy Roch *

Leslie Rodriguez

Peggy Roe

Daria Russell

Jean Sedita

Carole Simon

Margaret Lotterhos Smith

Barbara Staley

David Sternlicht

Donald and Rhonda Sweeney

Lisa Taylor

Sue Thibodeaux

Dr. William and Martha Thorsell

Vanessa Tilney

Barbara Vestal

Davor and Katherine Vukadin

David White

Zhong Xie and Rong Chen


Friends (Up to $99)

William Balch *

Alana Benford

Allan Brain

Annet Breazeale

John and Dianne Brock

Heather Brown

Ellen Cornelius and Greg Lough

Maria Dahlberg

Manuel Diaz

Tammera Dudek

Theresa Einhorn

Dwayne and Mary Elledge

Robert Garcia

Erta Gervais

Samantha Goldstein

Mary Jane Gomez

Virginia Gray

Richard and Ann Guckert

Sandra Guerra

Don and Joan Haley

Amy Harmon

John Hartman

Karl and Sue Haushalter

Jade Hecht

Deborah Hirsch

Deborah Holmes

Xiaoyu Hopkins

Michael and Nancy Horvit

Louise Huck

Nell Anne Hunt

Stephen and Lindsay Johnson

Jack and Michele Joseph

Michael Kapinus *

Miriam Lieber Kraemer

Kroger Stores

Eric and Claire Kugler

Patricia LaChance

Mitchell Lieber

Roy Locke

Jordan and Elizabeth Lord

Donald Lynch-Limon

Alejandro and Alisa Magallón

Victor Martinez

Mardi Mayerhoff

Michael and Judy McEnany

Clare McGuire

Carolyn F. Means

Christianne Melanson

Francisco Merizalde

Larry and Katrina Miguez

Antonio Ottati

John and Janis Parlette

Chad and Jennifer Perry

Michael and Susan Phelps

Kathleen Phillips

Tricia Phillips

Alisa Porter

Payton Quackenbush *

Alan and Susan Quaintance

Virginia Rich

Margarita Rodriguez

Christopher Rosale

Ann Rosenwinkel

Sophia Saenz

Fidel Salazar

Carroll Shaddock

Melodie Shelton

Richard and Sue Howard

Janice Simon

Brian Speck

W. Spencer and Allison Stasney

Carol Thornburg

Rigby Weldon

Bethanne Wenger

Crystal Wiggins


In Kind

Advantage Storage

Scott Allen*, Jutsu Creative

Bella Becho Book and Print Bindery

Chapelwood United Methodist Church

Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church

First Presbyterian Houston

Juliana Franco Photography

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

Jeff Grass Photography

Houston Astros

Houston Rockets

Dr. James Hoyle, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic

Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts

Louise Magruder, LRM Design

Marietta First United Methodist Church

Match Cut Media

Nevill Antiques

Raleigh Boychoir

St. Martin's Episcopal Church

Shorre & Associates, LLC

South Main Baptist Church, Pasadena

Thomas Printworks

University of Houston Moores School of Music

Virtuosi of Houston

Sustainers ($250 - $499)

Alexander Adams

Carol Barndollar

Carol Barwick

Jim and Rosalie Bates

Robert D. Bernstein

Linda Bloss

Patricia Bonner

Dale Burrus

Holly Butler

Eleanor Connan

Ramsay Elder

Pamela Foster

Monte and Jayne Fowler

Curt Frisby

Kleta Gerhart

Erta Gervais

Wade Greiner and April DeConick

Howard and Ann Hendrix

Neale W. Kempner

Mary Elizabeth Lanier

Mildred and Daniel Mohel

M. Fatih Okcu

Suzanne Page-Pryde

Dr. Gary Patterson

Daisy Quayle

Sonya Royal

Karla Schapansky

Yasuyo Segal

Jeremy Simmons

Bill and Martha Thorsell

Vanessa Tilney

Davor and Katherine Vukadin

Eric and Amanda Warwick

Mark Winchell


Sponsors ($100 - $249)

Gloria Acker

Pamela Adger

Albertsons Safeway

Amazonsmile Foundation

Thomas Archer

Tristan Asiama *

Burton and Diane Balch

Barbara Berner

Anne Berry

Timothy Birtcher

Charles Boulware

Carol Bowman

Kenneth and Jessica Breitbeil

Staley and Deidre Brod

Kari Trophy

Rick and Kay Burns

Michelle Carpenter

Lucretia Carter

Prescott Carter

Dolores Cavatore

Courtney Claiborne

Midge Claiborne

Danny Collins and Doug Perkins

John and Lisa Daugherty

Brenda Davies

Manuel Diaz

Suhendan Ekmekcioglu

Richard Erickson

Norris Fergeson

Christopher and Rachel Fiorini

O. Howard and Rachel Frazier

Clare Attwell Glassell

Mary Grimord

Katherine Harrison

Leah Ellen Harrison

Stephanie Harrison

Michael Hesse, Texas Wealth Management

Kirk Hickey

Frankie and Jay Hickman

Holly Holt-Cabrera

Wayne Jiang and Shasha Li

Jack Joseph

Craig and Molly Joyce

Andrei Kibbe and Linda Moody

Deborah Korkmas

Kenneth Lehrer

Sharon Ley Lietzow

Daniel and Martha Martinez

Gary McClelland

Michael and Judy McEnany

Eugene and Florence McKelvey

Timothy Mohel *

Barbra Munisteri

Margaret Nimri

Timothy Nisley and Ann Nichols

Cynthia Olsen

Jennifer and Rick Overton

Cindy and Robert Pack

Martha Palmer

Alex and Adriana Perez

Kathleen Phillips

Sheila Prenowitz

Waqar Qureshi

Paul and Amy Roch

Christopher Rosales

Kara Schaefer

Paul and Wanda Schenck

Sally Schott

Rawdon and Galina Seager

Claire Sebesta

Ken and Amy Snell

Barbara Staley

Sydney Staley

Lisa Taylor

Donald Thiel

Kathryn Varn

Lettie Vellano

Mary M. Wagner

Sarah Wolfe

Lynell And Victor Wright


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