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Employment Opportunities


Houston Boychoir is proud to support local artists and professionals who share our passion of building men of character through music. Click on the links below to learn more about current opportunities to work with us.

Development Coordinator

The Development Coordinator is responsible for all activities related to the development of Houston Boychoir, including grant writing, fundraising, and donor management

Chamber Choir

After a year in Preparatory Choir, boys may audition for the Chamber Choir. This select group of boys is one of the premiere performance forces of its kind in the country. With a particular focus on developing boys' musical sensitivity, directors challenge choristers with leadership and collaboration: skills that immediately translate to a boy's life outside of the choir. The Chamber Choir regularly performs with professional ensembles and fine arts organizations throughout Houston. Boys learn the nuances of language, tonal harmony, and vocal production, all while developing essential social and critical thinking skills.

Olde Boys

Houston Boychoir is committed to fostering a boy's musical and social development during and after his vocal change. After years of singing together in Preparatory and Chamber, boys may continue to deepen their musical brotherhood with fellow choristers in high school. In addition to enriching their musical knowledge, the Olde Boys have multiple opportunities to mentor younger boys, accompanying them on tours, day trips, and in rehearsals as assistants in Preparatory Choir.

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