Chamber Choir and Olde Boy Wardrobe Information

Underlined text are clickable links to individual items. Uniform items can be purchased at Land's End except for the belt. Gray pants must be purchased at Land's End for uniformity. Limited items are available to rent from HBC.

Performance Uniform

Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 10.36.46

Workshop Uniform

Additional wardrobe items for performance as specified:

  • Khaki slacks

  • Red robe, white collar, white surplice (provided by HBC)

Additional wardrobe items for summer camp and touring:

These needs will be communicated through memos or wardrobe lists posted in advance and will typically consist of the following wardrobe pieces (the length of stay will dictate the specific number of each item):


Singer's Mask (recommended, but optional)

  • While boys are required to wear masks, we recommend purchasing the Singer's Mask from The Broadway Relief Project.