Audition Information.

The Houston Boychoir currently consists of three choirs characterized by their corresponding skill levels and commitment obligations: the beginning Preparatory Choir, the advanced Chamber Choir, and the Olde Boys for high school students. Membership is open to all boys with unchanged voices who demonstrate willingness to learn, vocal talent, musical aptitude and a strong level of commitment. Auditions are held annually each spring at various locations and periodically throughout the year. If you would like to speak with one of our directors and learn more about joining the choir, please call 281.484.1560 or request an audition online.

Houston Boychoir membership requires boys to:
▸ be at least 8 years old and in 3rd grade. 
▸ sing with a clear tone that blends well with others,
▸ have a good sense of pitch and intonation,
▸ display discipline and self-control,
▸ be able to take instruction well.

In the audition, boys will be asked to:
▸ demonstrate vocal range and ability to match pitch,
▸ repeat rhythmic and musical patterns as dictated,
▸ answer questions about themselves and their interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Houston Boychoir rehearsing during the COVID-19 pandemic?

HBC staff is closely monitoring current research concerning choral activities and the virus's spread. In Spring 2020, all of our choirs met online weekly for regular rehearsals. Rehearsals will remain online for the fall 2020 semester, and staff will continue to assess the safest path forward for our boys and their families. Houston Boychoir offers the highest quality of music education and we are committed to maintaining that quality through distance learning. If you have questions about our approach to online choral education, please contact our staff.

What are the Benefits of being in Houston Boychoir?
The benefits of participating in Houston Boychoir are significant. Choristers learn respect – for teachers, for parents, for each other, and for themselves.

• Houston Boychoir builds self-esteem and confidence
• Houston Boychoir teaches discipline
• Houston Boychoir teaches about the importance of commitment and keeping your word
• Houston Boychoir teaches that separate voices can sing as one

• Houston Boychoir builds a strong foundation of music literacy and performance
• Houston Boychoir teaches understanding and appreciation of all styles of music and art
• Houston Boychoir helps boys grow into men of character
• Houston Boychoir is Fun!

Who is eligible for HBC membership?
Any boy with a treble (i.e. unchanged) voice, starting at age 8, who also passes the audition requirements.

What happens at the audition?
Boys are scheduled to audition individually for a director from the Houston Boychoir Artistic Staff. At that time their vocal range is determined and their melodic and rhythmic aptitude is assessed. The entire process takes approximately 15-20 minutes and is conducted in the form of a friendly interview. Candidates are encouraged to be relaxed and to ask questions during the audition.

What happens after the audition?
All candidates will be notified as to their status by mail. Those boys selected for membership are placed into a choir based on their school district. All applicants begin in the Preparatory Choir.

How many different Choirs does HBC have?
There are currently three Choirs that make up Houston Boychoir:

Preparatory Choir (beginning)
Chamber Choir (advanced)

Olde Boys (advanced, High School)

**All Choirs require a one-year commitment**

When and where are HBC rehearsals held?

**Please See COVID-19 Information at the top of this list for current rehearsal information**
The Preparatory Choir meets at three convenient locations on the following days:


     First Presbyterian School (Central Campus): Mondays, 4:45pm-6:30pm

     Memorial City Mall at the Virtuosi of Houston Studio (West Campus): Mondays, 4:45pm-6:30pm

     First Main Baptist Church (East Campus): Thursdays, 4:45-6:30pm.


The Chamber Choir rehearses 5:45pm to 7:15pm twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.


Olde Boys rehearse Thursdays at Christ the King Lutheran Church from 5:45pm to 7:15pm.


All Choirs meet together once a month for Saturday morning workshops (September-May).

When and where are HBC performances?
Every effort is made to provide our Choirs with as many positive performance opportunities as possible. In addition to the annual Winter and Spring Concerts, there are usually one or two other public performances per semester. Our current concert season begins in August, runs through May and is immediately followed by the Chamber Choir and Olde Boys tour in early June. Actual performance schedules will vary from season to season.

What expenses can be expected?
All choristers pay tuition on an annual basis (payment plans available).

Certain wardrobe items for performances and workshops are also required at an average cost of $75-$100 per chorister.

Note: **Scholarships are available upon application** No qualified chorister is ever denied a position with Houston Boychoir based solely upon the inability to pay.

How are the activities of HBC determined?
The entire Houston Boychoir experience is an educational process that is carefully planned and guided by our staff of artistic directors and backed by forty plus years of performance history.

The Houston Boychoir is dedicated to providing quality musical training combined with educational experiences in a supportive and fun filled environment.

How do I apply for membership?
It’s simple! You can submit a request to audition on our website. You can also call our office at 281-484-1560. We look forward to hearing from you!

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