They Are Warriors

Caroling14He might be 8 years old or he might be 18, but every day he gets up and goes to school and then, 1 or 2 days a week after school he attends choir rehearsal where he learns the art of self discipline, of mental gymnastics, of precision  to detail, of nuance of language (both his own and foreign tongue), and of the physical stamina required to stand for long hours of rehearsal. He develops drive and the ambition to be better than he is. He learns how to be a team member, how to support his fellow choristers by knowing his part and by knowing what he is a part of. He learns how to take direction and he learns how to ask questions.

In addition to all of this, the boy gives up one Saturday a month to continue to add to his understanding of music, of teamwork and of himself. He must maintain excellence in all things: his grades, his conduct and his health. Then, come late November and December his schedule becomes the battlefield. He will participate in up to 20 performances, he will still have to take final exams or end of course work and when school is over and the concerts are done, he will take one more day to give to his community by spending 8 hours in the Houston Medical Center to give the gift of his music for patients, families, doctors, nurses and all hospital support staff.

In a few days these boys will begin the process again. They will happily come to rehearsal eager to see what new adventures will lie before them, adventures in music, in friendship, and in the journey we call life.

These are our future parents, educators, and leaders. We salute you singing boys everywhere!

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  1. Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin says:

    I am very proud of mine and all the boys who perform in your choir. I know Nicholas has benefited greatly from both the discipline and training he has received here. They skills and tools you teach him will carry him far on the path to success in whatever field he chooses to pursue. Thank you for all you have done, I look forward to the future with Houston Boys’ Choir.

  2. Ronald Bertram
    Ronald Bertram says:

    …and those are just some of the many reasons I continue to support HBC.
    What a contribution to our society you all make.
    Just keep keep’in on guys…and directors.
    I’ll be at all your concerts.
    Here’s to another fantastic year of music from the Houston Boychoir!


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