Halloween and Singing boys and why we do what we do!

This season Halloween is on a Monday, a rehearsal night. The request came from a parent. The boy needs to go to a party. The next parent wonders if there is a rehearsal on Halloween because the chorister has younger siblings who need to trick or treat.

We need this rehearsal. We strive diligently to create the highest form of music making but after much pondering I thought there are some battles not to fight. While that decision does not support the professionalism we instill, it might be the right decision.

But, when when the announcement that they could take Halloween would be a rehearsal holiday as well, there were boys who were genuinely disappointed. Wanting to please, I said I would show up and those who wanted could show up too.

More than half came. It was a wonderful rehearsal, they are amazing young musicians Candy and cupcakes with eyeballs and worms were enjoyed by all.

And these are the moments that keep us going. We are a strong group, young in spirit yet abound with wisdom. Where does this come from. It is the music in their souls.

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