A Day With The Pueblo Children’s Chorale

Today we spent a wonderful day with the chorale! We first went down to the Riverwalk in Pueblo and took a boat down the Arkansas River. Afterward we went to a local candy shop to find many different types of taffy. Then we went down to a pizzeria, whose owner is a close friend to the Children’s Chorale. At lunch I learned the children from the Chorale have great personalities, such as two people I met Vivian and Julianna. Once we were done we said our goodbyes to the children and we felt that we knew them for a lifetime. So far we are taking a bus trip to our next stop, Breckenridge!


The long, somewhat boring, bus ride.

So when we got on the bus, we were all pretty exited about the bus ride. Everyone had their ipods and DSs ready, and we started playing right when the bus started. The bus was very cold. I read on a panel at the front that the current A/C temperature was 62 degrees! We started riding, and after about 6 hours, we had a restroom break while the bus refueled with gas. We kept riding, and then we had another restroom break. Then we stopped at a Travel Center for reasons that I don’t know. We then stopped at a motel 8 and switched bus drivers. At about 8:10, we went to a restaurant and had breakfast. I thought that their pankakes were huge! The restrooms were not that spacious, given the fact that only one person could go at a time, there was a very long line for the restroom. So when we all finished breakfast, we loaded up on the bus and started riding again.