It’s still a boy’s voice!

Singing in the Houston Boychoir is really fun because we get to go to all these cool places to perform. For instance, just since September we’ve sung at several weddings and toured to Austin.

What I am REALLY thinking when I perform when I sing, I have no feelings of stage fright. As I sing, I am mostly thinking about what words come next. Even when it’s really tempting to look around, I don’t, because maybe Mrs. Nelson is giving a really important signal and it would be embarrassing if I missed it.

Some of the older boys tell me about funny stuff they see in the audience but I really don’t notice very funny things because I am looking at the Director.

Our Director makes us work really hard, but I like it. For instance, take a song that we recently performed, the German carol, In Dulci Jubilo. We spent many hours in total working on the last chord! I love how Mrs. Nelson pays attention to detail. She makes sure that we sound good.


Seb, 5th grade

A Boy’s Perspective

Singing in a Boychoir means having a sense of maturity, yet still having a sense of fun. It requires a balance of focus and a sense of humor and knowing when, is the appropriate time for each.

I have to admit, sometimes during rehearsal my mind dozes off into space. However, when I am on stage, I TRY to think about the music and the correct words that should be coming out of my mouth.

One of the funniest things lately that I have seen was at a wedding in Austin. The flower girls were dressed as angels and had Angel Wings strapped to the back of their dresses.

Our director makes us work hard, but it pays off!

Keaton (7th grade)

Waiting To Sing

Houston Boychoir, The Ultimate Wedding Choir

Just returned from the 3rd wedding of our season. What do boys learn from this experience?
They learn a lot about people and how they celebrate events.
They learn about giving joy and receiving joy from giving.
They travel in a motor coach limousine.
They learn to cooperate with each other.
They learn that they need to look out for each other and not just for self
They learn about each other.
They laugh together.
They build memories and personal history

There is more learning to be done this season with 4 more to go.

Members of Houston Boychoir Chamber Choir 2011

Giving Thanks

A week off for boys and directors gives us time to celebrate.

Teachers who support Houston Boychoir by believing in their boys who love music and trusting enough to refer. We thank you, we know how hard you work and we are partners. Thank you for keeping the music playing on!

Christ the King Lutheran Church thank you for your gift of house and home.

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, Dave Henning and the music, thank you for believing and cherishing.

Thank you artist, friend and parent Louise who makes our face for the world to see.

Thank you ground troops, directors and accompanists with the Prep Choir and Mr. Sink your love is showing.

Thank you parent volunteers who drive, wash clothes, fit ever wiggling arms and legs for length of pant and sleeve, who publicize and spread the good name of Houston Boychoir, who plan and agonize along with the directors, who question where do we go from here.

The boys who come weekly or twice weekly through rain and wind and mountains of homework to lift their voices in song and color our lives with humor and music.

Thank you Business Leaders and Supporters, Bulls Eye Storage, CypherDesignStudio, Houston Arts Alliance, Kelsey Seybold Clinics, KUHF Radio, Parker Uniform, Pierpont Communications, Texas Children’s Hospital, Texas Commission on the Arts, Dr. James Hoyle and Nancy Sims.

Thank you Board of Directors for your due diligence and devotion, thought and creativity.

See you all at the concert in December

Celebrate the Holidays with Houston Boychoir

The Holidays are Upon Us!
Make Houston Boychoir part of your celebration.
Join us for one or all of these events.

A Tapestry of Voices: Celebration
Villa de Matel!
Sunday, December 4, 2011
3:00 p.m.
Hear Houston Boychoir as guests of the Bay Area Chorus! Voices from the past and present are woven together in performances of original compositions and arrangements of traditional carols as we celebrate holiday traditions from around the world. The stunning beauty and fabulous acoustics of the concert venues is sure to enhance your enjoyment of our annual holiday concert season.

49th Annual Heritage Society Candlelight Tours
Sam Houston Park, Downtown Houston
Friday and Saturday, December 9 & 10, 2011
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Hear the angelic voices in the historic St. John’s Church reminiscent of an old fashioned Christmas.

Candlelight Holiday Celebration at Bayou Bend
Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens, 1 Westcott St.
December 10, 2011
5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Candlelight Open House tours allow visitors to experience the holiday glow of Bayou Bend in the evenings. Take a first floor tour of the collection while docents in each room explain the holiday decorations and traditions. Relax outside with a cup of hot cider as the Houston Boychoir serenades with many of your holiday favorites.

Houston Boychoir Winter Concert
First Presbyterian Church
December 18, 2011
7:00 PM
Start your holiday by joining joyous voices fill the air with happiness and holiday cheer. This annual tradition will feature an array of voices from the very small to the very tall, from boys to men.

Halloween and Singing boys and why we do what we do!

This season Halloween is on a Monday, a rehearsal night. The request came from a parent. The boy needs to go to a party. The next parent wonders if there is a rehearsal on Halloween because the chorister has younger siblings who need to trick or treat.

We need this rehearsal. We strive diligently to create the highest form of music making but after much pondering I thought there are some battles not to fight. While that decision does not support the professionalism we instill, it might be the right decision.

But, when when the announcement that they could take Halloween would be a rehearsal holiday as well, there were boys who were genuinely disappointed. Wanting to please, I said I would show up and those who wanted could show up too.

More than half came. It was a wonderful rehearsal, they are amazing young musicians Candy and cupcakes with eyeballs and worms were enjoyed by all.

And these are the moments that keep us going. We are a strong group, young in spirit yet abound with wisdom. Where does this come from. It is the music in their souls.

And So It Begins…Renewal

In March there is Baseball Spring Training and in August there is Summer Camp for Houston Boychoir. For more than 30 years new boys, Rookies, head to camp with seasoned the seasoned boys to begin the rigorous training required to do the job and all that is required of membership with the chosen few, boys who sing.

They are a remarkable bunch of boys, who don’t know they are children. While in HBC mode they work like men and sing…so overused to say sing like angels! So I will say that their sound is extraordinary it can both melt the heart and make it ache for more.

Six of these boys have gone from sitting on the floor cross-legged to standing for hours and holding a folder full of music about a third of which will be memorized by their first performances in September.

But at this particular moment they run and shout and play in the same manner that all the other campers with whom we share these beautiful woods do. In a few hours we are back to work, preparing the business at hand.

A Season to Preview

A Look Ahead at the 2011-2012 Season

*Texas Pediatric Foundation Annual Benefit
*Wedding St. Martin’s Episcopal Church

*Wedding Chapelwood United Methodist Church

*Wedding Memorial Church of Christ

Concert with the Bay Area Chorus
Villa de Matel
December 4, 2011
2:00 PM

49th Annual Heritage Society Candlelight Tours
Sam Houston Park, Downtown Houston
Friday and Saturday, December 9 & 10, 2011
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Houston Boychoir Winter Concert
First Presbyterian Church
December 18, 2011
7:00 PM

*Wedding Austin Texas
*Wedding Trinity Episcopal Church

Concerts with Hope Stone Dance Company
And Mercury Baroque Orchestra
January 12, 13, 14 & 15, 2012

*Wedding St. Martin’s Episcopal Church
*Wedding Catholic Cathedral, Beaumont Texas

49th Annual Spring Concert
Sunday May 15, 2012
4:00 PM
University of Houston Moores Opera House

*Private Performances

Houston Boychoir Partners with Houston Symphony

HOUSTON BOYCHOIR joins the Houston Symphony in sold out performances of Lord of the Rings. Hear the score by composer Howard Shore played live by the orchestra while a screening of the film is playing. Fun for all ages. Hear the incomparable sounds of Houston Boychoir each time the Ring Theme sounds! Professional players, professional boys.

Day 5, Tour

Today we had a great time hanging out with the Pueblo Children’s Chorale! We started out today hanging out with our host families for a while, but soon found ourselves saying goodbye to everyone (And,in my case, four dogs!) Our hosts took us to the Pueblo Riverwalk, where we split into groups to go on a river tour. The tour was fantastic with great photo opportunities along the way. Afterwards we went shopping in Pueblo, and then had an amazing lunch at an Italian pizzaria. Too soon, however, we had to say goodbye, and the Chorale surprised us by singing an excellent goodbye song… Now, as I type this up, we are on our way to Breckingridge to explore the Country Boy Mine. We are amazed, yet again, by all the beauty of Colorado, with towering ice tipped mountains and lush green forest and abundant forest life, too vast and beautiful to photograph…