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Celebrate the Holidays with Houston Boychoir

The Holidays are Upon Us! Make Houston Boychoir part of your celebration. Join us for one or all of these events. A Tapestry of Voices: Celebration Villa de Matel! Sunday, December 4, 2011 3:00 p.m. Hear Houston Boychoir as guests of the Bay Area Chorus! Voices from the past and present are woven together in […]

Halloween and Singing boys and why we do what we do!

This season Halloween is on a Monday, a rehearsal night. The request came from a parent. The boy needs to go to a party. The next parent wonders if there is a rehearsal on Halloween because the chorister has younger siblings who need to trick or treat. We need this rehearsal. We strive diligently to […]

And So It Begins…Renewal

In March there is Baseball Spring Training and in August there is Summer Camp for Houston Boychoir. For more than 30 years new boys, Rookies, head to camp with seasoned the seasoned boys to begin the rigorous training required to do the job and all that is required of membership with the chosen few, boys […]

A Season to Preview

A Look Ahead at the 2011-2012 Season September *Texas Pediatric Foundation Annual Benefit *Wedding St. Martin’s Episcopal Church October *Wedding Chapelwood United Methodist Church November *Wedding Memorial Church of Christ December Concert with the Bay Area Chorus Villa de Matel December 4, 2011 2:00 PM 49th Annual Heritage Society Candlelight Tours Sam Houston Park, Downtown […]

Houston Boychoir Partners with Houston Symphony

HOUSTON BOYCHOIR joins the Houston Symphony in sold out performances of Lord of the Rings. Hear the score by composer Howard Shore played live by the orchestra while a screening of the film is playing. Fun for all ages. Hear the incomparable sounds of Houston Boychoir each time the Ring Theme sounds! Professional players, professional […]

Day 5, Tour

Today we had a great time hanging out with the Pueblo Children’s Chorale! We started out today hanging out with our host families for a while, but soon found ourselves saying goodbye to everyone (And,in my case, four dogs!) Our hosts took us to the Pueblo Riverwalk, where we split into groups to go on […]

A Day With The Pueblo Children’s Chorale

Today we spent a wonderful day with the chorale! We first went down to the Riverwalk in Pueblo and took a boat down the Arkansas River. Afterward we went to a local candy shop to find many different types of taffy. Then we went down to a pizzeria, whose owner is a close friend to […]

Choirs on Tour, the game changes

Touring with choirs has changed over the years as the times have changed. One of the goals of tour is to help young boys develop independence, responsibility and self reliance in addition to providing them opportunities that are both unique and fun.

The long, somewhat boring, bus ride.

So when we got on the bus, we were all pretty exited about the bus ride. Everyone had their ipods and DSs ready, and we started playing right when the bus started. The bus was very cold. I read on a panel at the front that the current A/C temperature was 62 degrees! We started […]

Lights out

There have been several times this season I have marveled at the goodness of these boys. I don’t mean the quality of their singing at this moment, but the quality of their humanity. They are simply put, good people who have pushed me to be better because of who they are, and therein lies the […]