Alumni Spotlight: Jake McKim


Alumni Spotlight: Jake McKim

We are proud of our boys, even after they grow up and leave the choir. Alumnus Jake McKim is the owner of Birch Street Music, LLC, specializing in A&R, Artist Development, and Digital Marketing Services. He shares about his experience with HBC and how it has impacted his life today.

Q: What years were you in Houston Boychoir?

A: 1989-1993


Q: Describe your most memorable moment in the choir.

A: Performing Mephistopheles with the Houston Grand Opera. I still remember the chills I had on stage.


Q. What did being a Houston Boychoir member mean to you?

A: It meant learning discipline, teamwork, the beauty of music, learning to tie a tie, and eat with proper manners – still lessons I live by today.


Q: How did your experience affect your choices/pursuits in life?

A: It meant everything. Without the Boychoir, I would never have gone on to Johnston Middle School, High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, and gotten into the music business. I owe my entire career to Ms. Ashley for recommending the Boychoir, my mom for shuttling me to rehearsals, and my directors in the Boychoir for guiding me down that path. I’ve spent my career working with artists as big as Beyonce, Solange, Maddie & Tae, Chloe & Halle, etc. and I doubt I would have had that opportunity without the Boychoir.


Q: What is the most meaningful advice that you received in life that you would pass on to the boys of today?

A: Enjoy every moment. It goes by fast and you will miss it some day. While you’re in Boychoir, decide if you think music is in your future and start studying everything you can about the history of it, how it’s created, and if you see yourself as a performer, a teacher, or a behind the scenes guy. Determining that early will give you an advantage over everyone else who is still trying to figure it out. Then pursue it with passion!


We’re glad Jake (third from the left) finally learned to eat with proper table manners (his words, not ours) after this formal dinner on tour in 1992. Thanks for sharing, Jake!